Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inspirational light artists

As I was doing research on different light artists I came across the website of Alejandro and Moira Sina.
Electricity, glass and luminous gases are part of the palette they use to create ethereal kinetic works with light and color, exploring art and technology interaction. Their body of work includes the following forms:
  • Indoor and outdoor installations
  • Large scale suspended clusters
  • Kinetic Lightworks
  • Interactive Lightworks
I find their works very inspiring. Soap bubble

I Love Love Love anything by Olafur Eliasson, he is a genius and very inspirational. Here are some of his works: eliasson-beautyolafur eliasson by thomas hawk

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Luminaire Inspiration Light Artist

For our luminaire project each student was given a number.  Each number represents a light artist.  My number was representing James Turrell a famous artist whose specialty is light and space.  This photo was taken in Arizona.  He acquired this land out in Arizona, because of the Roden crater which he found inspiring.  I myself love the american southwest with its beautiful sunsets and the different colors that can be found in the region.  I love this photo, because it captures so much, it's such a peaceful and warm photo.