Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scale Figure Drawing Exercise

One day for a drawing exercise we did scale figures.  All the students were put into groups and each group took turns either sketching or posing for the sketches.  Each group rotated around the room so that everyone had the chance to draw and be drawn.  It was a fun activity to see the different drawings and how different people have many techniques with their drawings.  There was also a kind of mini critique afterwards.  We all posted our drawings on the wall around the room.  There was then a list of numbers and categories put on the chalkboard.  We all were to walk around the room and observe everyones drawings and then write in a number for which category we thought whichever picture deserved.  Some of the categories were most surreal, most crazy, most maximal and most minimal to name a few.  We then had a peer critique lesson, in which students were to go around the room and take down the drawing that they didn't really care for and explain why.  I have to say that was a tough exercise to do, because none of us want to be overly critical, because we ourselves are still learning.  It was a fun exercise to do the drawings that day. The drawing at the top was one of the girls from class I drew, I chose her pose because it was representive of a more human figure, I tried to maintain that in my drawing be keeping the shoulders rounded and trying to get the shape of the legs right.  I felt doing and kind of loose sketching would make it look better that trying to be too detail oriented because we were timed on each drawing.   The bottom drawing I decided to try sketching two people in such a short time.  Anna and Randi made good subjects, because they didn't move around too much.

Obersvational sketches

During this fall semester I have learned alot of varieties of drawing techniques and shading.  This has definitely helped me develop my drawing abilities, because before this year I didn't really have much experience with drawing and sketching.  I have to say I have been surprised with myself so far.
For this observational sketch, we were drawing types of food.  Holly my fellow classmate had made these delicious chocolate cupcakes with white icing and green sprinkles.  Before consuming such a yummy treat, I sketched it, to add a sense of scale to the drawing I positioned my boot in the picture.  No worries though, I was very careful not to get any dirt on my cupcake.
With this sketch, we were to do self portraits and sketches of ourselves, so I played around with shading and was trying too hard to focus in the mirror, overall I did ok, I can see where I could use improvement in drawing features, because they are so complex.  I felt my sketch was stronger without doing and actual face outline and angling my head differently.
This sketch was just something for fun, I had just been introduced with charcoal and drawing with it.  So I did this tape dispenser.  I tried to capture the lighter parts where the light hit and tried to go darker with tones in the more shaded areas.  I feel overall pretty good about this sketch, considering I was just doing this for fun.  After I had done this sketch I actually learned about tonal drawing and how to capture the dark and light tones in a drawing to help create a more 3-D effect

 This is actually apart of choosing a two pages from another classmate that we find interesting.  I chose Paige, because I have observed throughout the semester she is a really good drawer.  She pays attention to detail and shading.  From this picture you can tell she picks all kinds of subjects to draw in a variety of ways.  I found this drawing fascinating, because of the composition.  When you first glance at it, you are not quite sure what you are seeing but you eyes are drawn all around the page by the repetitive lines, the diagonals within the drawing and just the shapes.  The second drawing is just very interesting because it is a very animated picture with exaggerated features that keep the viewers eye.  her use of shading and definition are very good and she payed alot of attention to details.

Critique Day 4

Being first year students, we are so new to everything.  critiques especially for me are one of those things.  Throughout the semester I learned all about what a critique was about and how it was conducted.  For finals all Iarc students go through a critique rather than a written exam like most students.  We are able to present what we have been working on and get constructive criticism as well as praise that will help us along with the learning process.  On Monday, December 16th, all of us first year students got the opportunity to attend critiques for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year critiques.  I found this fascinating, because I love to see new things and get new ideas and draw inspiration from things I find remarkable or unique.  I was in the group assigned to attend the 2nd year students critiques held in the gallery floor of the Gatewood Building.  I found all of the students projects very interesting and to hear how their creative processes were used into achieving what they had created.  The assignment the students had was a list of lots of words, words that most of them admitted to not knowing.  Which I find interesting, because it is always fun to learn something new especially if it can tie in with creativity and expression.  The students studied the human body and how its connections worked and functioned.  They also talked of folding lots of paper in many different shapes and types of folding.  This exercise was to help expand the students idea of folds, going beyond the basic and thinking of different types (for example crumpling paper).  Eventually they were able to see beyond the folds of the paper and see shapes and figures and look beyond the obvious.  This process helped them with their projects, which were creating a place.  These places were both outdoor as well as indoor models.  One student, Abigail, explained her model, which was an interactive outdoor area.  The model was a tube-like structure made up of triangles.  The triangles were cut from sturdy type of cardboard.  She cut the pieces with a laser cutter, something new to the school that makes very precise cuts on many types of materials.  Abigail then sewed her triangles together with a sturdy type of white thread, in between each triangle was a type of chocolate brown fabric,  in which was used the help the model collapse or be pushed in different shapes.  Abigail made this small scale model to represent an idea of an even larger model.  Something interactive and fun for both adults as well as children.  The Tube structure was very origami-esque, with all kinds of interesting bends.  There were openings on both ends as well as octagonal or hexagonal holes throughout in between joints which helped with function as well as created an interesting light effect on the inside.  I found Abigail's project to be very geometric themed and geared to  something fun for the community to enjoy as well as admire from afar.  I enjoyed the whole critique experience of seeing the different models, new materials students were able to use due to the new laser cutter.  I definitely got alot of good ideas and some helpful tips from different upper level Iarc students.  I also went to check out the 3rd year critique area with large size posters displaying layouts for hospitals, night lounges as well as apartment building designs.  I observed the creativity of the students, who used computer programs to create these design layouts with all different types of color, materials and even furniture ideas.  I think it was a great idea for the 1st year students to be able to see the other critiques, because we can see what we have to look forward to in the coming years, as well as get ideas and compare how our critiques are to theirs including attire.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Successful Leaf

Doing the leaf sketches was a fun experience.  It helped me pay more attention to small details of the subjects I was drawing.  I never realized how many details there are in things we find in nature.  I took this leaf and did the outline first, then did most of the small details I could observe.  My next step was to start on the shading process.  Overall I was pleased with most of my leaf sketches.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 2 Luminaire Critiques

Today the luminaire critique was pretty impressive overall.  Some of my favorite works were Christina's luminaire.  It was almost like a cocoon attached to the wall, emiting a very warm light.  The luminaire was constructed with wide strips of textured white paper.  The texture gave a little something extra to the light source itself.  The light projected through the slips of the paper was astonishing.  Christina was able to bend the light the was projected outward and the directions were all around the luminaire itself.  I could definitely vision this light as a sort of sconce in either a nice restaurant or a home space wanting a soft warm light.  The Luminaire was held up on the wall by a piece of balsam wood, which she covered with the same white textured paper.  The bulb itself was concealed just right so it looked like it was a warm light being emitted from the center of the structure.  I feel this piece was very well executed in achieving her inspiration.  The inspiration was a sunrise.